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TIPS for your Family Photo Session and SLIMMING clothes!!
Yes, even skinny people want to be skinnier! I’m just going to throw everything out there, hopefully nobody gets offended 🙂 If you’re easily offended, do not read beyond this point.

What I’m writing is as a mom, as a photographer, and as someone with curves. This is from my perspective…. I’m bridging the gap, and I’m going to tell you what I would want to know if I were doing a family shoot!

1. Moms show up to photo shoots frazzled. We are the ones lining out the clothes, the hair, making sure outfits match and that our kids get out the door with both shoes on. Lets be real, it’s freaking stressful. What we don’t see is that it bleeds out onto the kids. We as adults are conditioned to be stressed, then put on our game face when we show up to the photo shoot. Kids can’t. They aren’t as well practiced as us, and we just spewed our stress all over them. They don’t recover the same way, which is why you often see kids have meltdowns at photo shoots. As a photographer, sometimes we can work our magic and get the group to relax, and sometimes it’s harder than others. The remedy? Plan on showing up to your shoot 15 minutes early. Hear me out… not because we want you early, but if you KNOW you have 15 minutes of cushion, you are way less stressed. Not only that, but any mishaps along the way, aren’t a huge deal because you’ve got a bubble of time to play with. Also, you will be letting out less stress on the family. Guys don’t actually hate family pictures. They hate seeing their sweetheart stress out. Another benefit of showing up early is that your kids get to relax a little and play a little and ‘feel okay’ because you MADE it. Our families who have successful pictures tend to show up early to their shoot. This works really well for our outdoor sessions because it doesn’t matter what time you show up. For our studio sessions, if the shoot is scheduled in the evening, please note we won’t have a photographer there until approx 5 minutes before your session to open the door. Many times they are coming from other sessions.

2. Slimming techniques. Yes, I have a butt, a gut, and some curves. I earned them from having kids… and they aren’t going away any time soon (if ever) My biggest fear is looking fat in pictures. In fact, if I look fat in a picture, I absolutely will NOT hang it on my wall!! And I’ve found that a lot of our clients are the same way. It’s really hard to feel beautiful in pictures when you are so worried about what you look like, instead of being WHO you are. So, I’m going to teach you what I’ve learned about being who I am in pictures, and bridging it with what I look like. I have actually let ‘looking fat’ stop me from accomplishing a lot of things. Hear me out: I know my kids aren’t going to look back at pictures one day and say “Holy crap my mom is fat” they are going to look back and say “That’s my mom, she’s so freaking cool!” I’m the only one judging me by my body… everyone else loves me for who I am. So I’m choosing to be ‘me’ in pictures by running in the rain, or jumping on a long board (fat butt and all!) There are some clothes that are really helpful in creating slimming looks though. One of them is a cardigan. Here’s the rules for a cardigan

A. If you have a stomach: Wear a darker shirt underneath (black for me!) and any cardigan that’s hits above your pockets. The dark shirts gives us leeway to pose you how we need to and then the cardigan is used to create lines that are flattering in that area.
If you have wide hips: Get a longer cardigan. We can use this to offset how your hips look in pictures by making sure they are covered. If that’s the case, we recommend a darker cardigan.

B. If you have larger thighs, wear darker jeans (By now I’m
thinking… I’ll just wear ALL black okay?!) If they are dark on the outer edges and then fade lighter in the center, they will work too. The goal is to create darkness in the areas that are largest or most troublesome for you. Boots over darker jeans also evens out hips.

C. Posing. Don’t be afraid to tell your photographer what your problem areas area. If we know you are concerned about a large chin and neck, we are going to make sure we are taller than you in the picture which causes you to lengthen your neck to look up. If you have a problem with your stomach, we have some poses that will help lengthen that area. We can also ‘hide’ you if you would like, or put a kid right where your hips/thighs are so you can’t see them. There’s about a gazillion ways to do it… BUT we can’t do it unless you tell us that you are self-conscious about a certain area.

Last but not least… if you have a certain ‘style’ of family picture that you like, please don’t hesitate to bring actual pictures to your photo shoot or whip out your phone and pull up Pinterest and show us. We can catch the vision quick. Photography is art, and art has tons of different interpretations. The best thing for anyone on our team to see, is what you like best. Our team is capable of making any style work, it’s just pinning the right type of pictures down for what YOU like best. Don’t leave it to chance, show us.

If you guys have more questions about certain things regarding photo shoots and anything like that, please let me know! If I’m getting tons of the same questions (like the ones I just answered) I will write you a nice Facebook post on it so you can reference it over and over again.

We always get asked for our prices and who took the pics after I post something like this. All the pictures above were taken by Brittany. He style is fun, light, and bold coloring. If you’ve done mini shoots with us, chances are you’ve met her. Our outdoor shoots are $129, and our studio shoots are $99. That is for an hour of shooting, and we will take as many pictures as we can. We edit 15 of the best ones for you (color and black and white… so you actually receive 30 edits, 15 poses) and then we give the other original pictures taken as a gift to you. That includes eyes closed, out takes, imperfections. In all most of our clients get between 150-200 original pictures plus their edits.

We take pictures in Salt Lake County, Utah County and in St George.

If you have any questions please post below! I’m happy to help!!

xoxo Christy (the fatty ha ha ha!!)

If you want to see a full pricing list including newborns, weddings, and extended families, please refer to our website!

PS we TRAVEL!Large Extended Family With Cheapshots

Baby-lish-ous | Spanish Fork Baby Photographer

August 25, 2016 Children, Kids

Can we just level with you for a minute? While we love our job and try our gosh-dang HARDEST with each session to produce phenominal results for everyone, some sessions are just easier than others to achieve those results. This cute session is one of those sessions. Our job becomes infanatly easier when our subjects are you-are-so-squishy-I-just-want-to-eat-you-up ADORABLE! I mean look at those rolls and that beautiful smile that could melt even the most hard-hearted Scrooge.


Ok for real people… How AMAZING is this bride!? Mykailee’s is one of our Salt Lake County brides and we are just dying over how beautiful she was during her bridal session this summer. They were taken at the Utah State Capital and it’s not often that the bride totally outshines her backdrop but Mykailee totally knocked it out of the park! Beautiful bride + stunning location = pure photographic bliss!


Photographic credit goes to our girl Crystal! She is our wedding photographers and she is KILLING it! Don’t you think?